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Government Of Assam Animal Husbandry & Veterinary Assam Live Stock and Poultry Corporation

Hatchery and Dairy Units

There are a few hatchery and dairy units operating under ALPCos supervision. The list is given below:

Satellite Hatcheries at Khanapara

A Commercial Broiler Chick production unit with a capacity to produce 2 lakh Day old Chicks per month expanding to 10 lakhs Day old Chicks per month. Facilities for training and demonstration to hatchery operators also available. Commercial broiler chicks, ducklings, backyard chicks are produced in this hatchery.

Golaghat Poultry Farm

This is a centrally sponsored poultry farm with integrated infrastructure for production of backyard poultry in the state. The farm has facilities to rear 4000 parent stock, 6000 capacity duckling nursery, mini feed plant, a hatchery unit with 57000 egg setting capacity.

Commercial Dairy Unit at Sonapur

A Dairy unit with a capacity to rear 80 milch animals and 50 heifers. Presently 34 Milch Animals and 15 heifers are in the stock. Approximate milk production is 200 litters per day.