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Vaccination Schedules

  • Vaccination Schedule for Goats

    DiseasesPrimary DoseRevaccination
    Enterotoxaemia4 months of age6 monthly
    PPR 3 months of ageyearly
    FMD3-4 months of ageyearly

     Schedule for Vaccination in pigs 

    Name of DiseaseVaccineAge of VaccinationSource of Vaccine
       FirstBooster Subsequent  
    Swine FeverF.D. Lapinized Swine
    Fever vaccine
    25-30 days One month after 6 months intervalInstitute of Veterinary Biologicals,
    Khanapara, Guwahati 22
    Foot and Mouth Disease

    Cell culture vaccine in the name
    of Raksha- Ovac or Clovex
    42 days  One month after 6 months intervaProduced by Indian Immunologicals & MSD Company.
    Products are available in Pharmacy
    Haemorrhagic SepticaemiaRaksha-H.S. vaccine2 months  One month after Annually

    Institute of Veterinary Biologicals, Khanapara,
    Guwahati 22

    Vaccination Programme for Broilers

    Day oldMarek’s disease
    HVT- strain
    Subcutaneous (S/C) at HacheryDose
    5-7 daysRanikhet disease, Lasota
    F/VH Strain
    Intraocular or drinking water1-2 drops
    12-14 days Infectious Bursal disease(IBD), 
    'MB’ intermediate strain
    Eye Drop or drinking water 

    Suggested Vaccination Programme for Layers 

     AgeDisease and Vaccine Administration 
    Day old Marek’s disease HVT- strainSubcutaneous (S/C) at hatchery
    5-7 days  Ranikhet disease
    F/LASOTA/VH strain
    Nasal drop or Oral drop
    14-15 days Infectious Bursal disease(IBD)Drinking water
    4-5 weeks Fowl pox ‘ BM’ strain Oral Drop or Drinking water 
    6-8 weeks  Ranikhet disease R2B strainIntramuscular (I/M)
    8 weeks  Gumboro disease (Live)
    (Only in area of out break prone)
    Intramuscular (I/M)
    13-15 weeks  Infectious bronchitis Oral Drop or Drinking water 
    14-15 weeks  Fowl pox ‘ BM’ strainOral Drop or Drinking water 
    15-18 weeks  Egg drop Syndrome
    (Killed) Adjuvant
    16-18 weeks Ranikhet disease R2B strainI/M