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Government Of Assam Animal Husbandry & Veterinary Assam Live Stock and Poultry Corporation

Licensed Slaughterhouses and Meat Outlets

Why is Licensing necessary?

ALPCo  is a thriving company and one of its prorities is to commission meat processing plants and slaughterhouses to assure production and marketing of hygienic meat through a chain of modern meat shops in the State. This sets in motion a demand driven backward linkage between the company and the livestock farmers and accelerates the economies of scale and contributes to intensive livestock farming. The primary aim of the company is to improve the socio-economic condition of farmers who are dependent on livestock and poultry keeping as their livelihood.

For maintenance of public health and channelising the meat sector, three meat processing plants have been set up in Guwahati for processing of pork, sheep/ goat and poultry.These plants have been functional under public private partnership (PPP).

ALPCo is thriving to generate mass awareness about the prevailing acts and bye laws for regulation of slaughterhouses. Their objective is introduction of scientific and hygienic practices of slaughtering besides steps for regulating the existing slaughterhouses in Assam.

To know more about the acts of slaughterhouses, click thie given link 

Licensed Slaughterhouse Act, 2012

Refer to the link below to locate the list of licensed slaughterhouses and meat outlets under ALPCo

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