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Government Of Assam Animal Husbandry & Veterinary Assam Live Stock and Poultry Corporation

Facilities for Pet Owners

ALPCos dog creche provides a supervised, safe and controlled environment for dogs to suit all your pet's needs. The creche also offers access to services like neutering as well as proper nutrition and feeding facilities.The owners could choose from a range of services like veterinary supervised day care, raw food consultation or vaccination services. The creche extends help to have the happiest, healthiest pet while providing the required training they need to become a well-mannered and social dog.

The creche offers 11 hours of expert supervised care each day on paying extra for the price of an average one-hour dog walk. Half day offers and bulk package options are also available which reduce the cost per day. Routine and consistency is very important to dogs but if emergencies arise and a dog is not booked into day care , the owner can contact the creche for assistance. The creche is located within the established ALPCos campus, Punjabari Road, Juripar Guwahati and is open on all days.To make an appointment at ALPCos Dog Creche, a 24 hour prior notice should be given as all dogs are assessed before being accepted at the Crèche.