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Employment Generation Mission

Employment Generation Scheme was launched by the Chief Minister on 28th August 2007 to develop entrepreneurial skills and help solve the unemployment problems in the state. It mainly focuses on self employment as well as to improve economic status of the people of Assam.

The Mission looks at both mini and micro-level employment generation as they have opportunities for development of entrepreneurship skill and infrastructure. There are plans to generate employment opportunities for about 1,67,000 people with a total cost of Rs 669 crore and the Employment Generation Mission will bear the cost up to the tune of Rs 320 crore. Headed by the Chief Minister, the Employment Generation Mission is manned by experts from various fields as well as representatives from Dispur, the Centre, banking and non-banking financial institutions.

Currently the mission has six projects as per the proposals submitted by SIRD, ALPCo, RGVN, Prochesta, AMTRON and ASOMI. In addition ,these projects will provide employment opportunities to about 9,000 people under the concept of joint groups in different activities. 

Assam Livestock and Poultry Corporation have implemented the schemes for employment generation through Livestock farming in different locations on cluster approach. The schemes were initiated with the community organization, selection of beneficiaries, development training for technical skills, financial literacy, soft skill development, credit linkages, hand holding and market linkage. Dairy, Goatery and Piggery are the segment incorporated for different clusters separately. The details of the schemes are given below:

Schemes implemented by Assam Livestock & Poultry Corporation under Employment Generation Mission50.36 KBswf-image